Energy Storage

There's no doubt that Energy Storage System's are the future of supplying our energy needs.

A residential Energy Storage System will usually be comprised of a solar power system with either an A.C or D.C coupled battery.

When choosing the best system and system size the choices can be overwhelming with products by TESLA, LG, BYD, SolaX, Redback, Pylontech etc etc.

We are accredited with the Clean Energy Council to install Energy Storage System's and can advise on the best solution and product.

Below are two solutions known as "ALL-IN-ONE".  As the name suggests, the Inverter, Battery Management System and Batteries are all enclosed in one neat unit to simplify installation and be aesthetically pleasing.

SolaX Power Station

5 Year Warranty
5kW Inverter with up to 13kWh of Battery Storage
SolaX All-In-One power station


  • Sturdy IP54 Enclosure which can be installed either indoor or outdoor
  • 5kW Inverter
  • Battery Management System
  • Expandable battery size from 3kWh up to 13kWh using LG Chem Li Ion Batteries
  • Uninterrupted power supply for dedicated circuits
  • WiFi connectivity


5 Year Warranty
5kW Inverter with up to 13kWh of Battery Storage
Redback sh 5000


  • 5kW inverter and battery enclosure which integrates with up to 13.2kWh’s of energy storage.
  • Hybrid capability, offering an uninterrupted power supply and backup power all in one.
  • Advanced software allows you to store, monitor and manage your home’s solar energy, maximising your self-consumption and providing market leading return on investment.
  • Compact, elegantly designed and robust unit can be mounted either inside or outside your home.

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