We like to bust myths, clear up misconceptions, educate consumers and empower you with information. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

How much does a system cost?

Each system varies in size, choice of products, Government Rebate value and installation conditions. We also don't believe in a one size fits all approach, so we like come out and inspect the site to give you a firm and accurate quote. However, on average and as a guide, a 6kW system with a 5kW inverter on a single storey tiled roof will cost approximately $5,000.

Is there still a rebate?

YES! The Government Rebate applies. Depending on the amount of kilowatts installed you will be eligible for a point of sale discount GST free. This is usually in the thousands of dollars and makes installing solar power very affordable.

How does the system work?

When the sun is shining the solar panels will generate power. If power is required in your home than this power being generated will be directly consumed in the home which means you're not purchasing power from the grid. If your solar is producing more power than what you need, than the excess power will be fed into the grid and your electricity retailer will credit you on your bill depending on their feed in tariff rates. If your solar isn't producing enough power to feed your home than you will draw power from the grid to supplement the solar.

What size system do I need?

This will largely depend on how much power you generally use during the day, your budget, your available roof space and your future needs such as installing a battery. On average most households install between a 5 to 10kW system.

Can I install a battery?

Yes. All solar power systems are able to have a battery installed regardless of the size of your system or the type of inverter installed. There are many manufacturers making quality Lithium Ion batteries for residential applications.

What does "battery ready" mean?

While all solar power systems are technically "battery ready", this term generally refers to a particular inverter that's installed known as a "hybrid" inverter. These inverters are equipped with built in battery management systems (BMS). This means when it comes time to installing a battery there is no need to install an external or separate BMS. This is usually a neater solution. However, hybrid inverters are more expensive to initially install.

How much will I save?

On average most of our customers save in the region of 50% to over 100% off their power bill. It's not unusual for a customer to contact us and express their joy in receiving an electricity bill which shows a credit instead of a debit. With the savings achieved the pay off period is usually between 3-6 years.

Are there any warranties?

Yes. There are manufacturers warranties. Regardless of what happens to your installer, the warranties on the panels, inverter and battery can still be claimed.

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